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Attending Camp for the first time can be a big deal to campers and parents! Below are some of our most frequently asked questions! 

What grade ranges are eligible to attend the CSU-Pueblo REC PACK SUMMER CAMP?

We have expanded our grade ranges! Now, campers entering K-8th grade are able to attend camp! Don't worry, age appropriate activities will be played with each age group! 

Are scholoarships available for those to attend camp?

Unfortuantely at this time, we are not able to provide scholarships for campers. 

May those with special needs attend your camp?

These situations are best handled on a case by case basis. Please contact Camp Co-Directors Bill Moorman or Scott Robertshaw so that they can understand the needs of your camper!

What type of activities can my child expect to experience while at camp?

We pride ourselves in being able to send campers home tired! Our days are filled with many activities that your camper will love. Each day, we rotate through several minor activities, about an hour in length each. These include themes such as basketball, soccer, football, volleyball, just to name a few. We even have that awesome parachute you may have played with in PE class! 

After the activities, we take a short break to prevent over-stimulation of our campers. Each day and theme is a little different which prevents campers from getting bored with our line ups!

Major activities include swimming and biking, as well as getting to use our famous Challenge Course!

My child wants to try camp, but we don't want to commit to a full week, what can we do?

We now offer multiple ways to register for camp! We offer a half day, either AM (7:30-12PM) or PM (12pm-5:30pm), a week full of half days (can mix and match times), a full day (7:30am-5:30pm), or a week of full days! If a camper wants to check it out before fully diving in, a half day is a great option!

What should my camper bring with them to camp?

Campers should dress in active clothing every day that will allow them to be comfortable participating in the various activities we offer, from biking and soccer, to rock climbing! We require that they wear active, non-marking, closed toe shoes for all activities.

On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, campers will go swimming in the afternoon. Be sure to pack them appropriate swim attire, as well as a towel and goggles.

Also on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, campers will ride bikes as an activity. If your camper has a bike, we have a few options:

  • 1.) Campers may bring and store their bike here at camp in our locked bike trailer.
  • 2.) Campers may bring and take home their bike each biking day. 

We will have limited rental bikes available each biking day. A big tip: Make sure if you buy your camper a bike that it is the appropriate size for them. If you need advice, let us know!

Campers should also bring snacks and lunch with them each day, as well as a water bottle! 

What should my camper NOT bring to camp?

While not an exhaustive list, anything they shouldn't bring to school should not be brought into camp. We focus heavily on active participation, and have found that if campers are distracted by electronics or valuable belongings, they are not as able to focus on participation.

We understand that cellular phones are a great way to keep in contact with campers, so if your camper has a phone, we ask that it be kept in their bag during camp. 

What do I do if my camper gets sick or needs to contact me throughout the day?

Easy Peezy. If a camper is feeling ill, we will take them into the Multi-Purpose room and then we'll call you. Often times, a simple phone call will make campers feel much better.

If a camper needs to contact a parent or guardian during camp, we will make every accommodation to allow them to contact you during an appropriate time, such as during a snack time or during lunch!

Can campers share snacks/food? OR It's my campers birthday, can I bring treats for all of camp?

In short, no. We understand that many of our campers have allergies and dietary restrictions, so we do not allow campers to share snacks/food. If your camper has allergies or other dietary restrictions, please note that in the medical form in the registration packet!

My camper is registered for a session at camp, but has fallen ill/ Something came up and we can't make a paid-for camp session. What do we do?

These situations are handled on a case by case basis. Options range from moving campers from one session or day to another, or a refund of un-attended days. 

Can I attend camp with my camper?

Yes, but within reason! We understand the transition to camp can be intimidating for both campers and parents, but we have found that campers are so busy with all of the fun, they tend to do just fine during camp! However, if family members want to check out their camper in action, we can make arrangements! Just contact Bill or Scott for more information!

Who can check out my camper from camp?/How can I designate someone other than myself to check out my camper?

When filling out your registration form, there are two pick up options:

  1. Campers can leave on their own at check-out time.
  2. Designated persons must sign out campers.

With option 1, at check out time, campers may sign themselves out of camp, and are free to leave the facility. With option 2, we will not release campers to anyone other than those designated. It is because of this that in order to check out a camper from camp, a valid photo ID must be presented each time a camper is checked out. 

I have additional questions about camp not addressed here. Who can I contact for more information?

Please contact our Camp Co-Directors, Bill Moorman or Scott Robertshaw