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A Typical Day

Check In:
AM Half-Day or Full Day Campers may be checked in to camp beginning at 7:30am each morning. PM Half-Day check in begins at 12pm. Check in is conveniently located at the registration table daily, located in the Student Recreation Center Multi-Purpose Room.

Morning Sessions:
Each day consists of a variety of recreational experiences in short increments to ensure active participation among campers. Campers will rotate stations and be taught and monitored closely by camp counselors. Activities may include volleyball, biking, soccer, basketball or soccer, as well as fitness inspired classes, such as yoga, cardio circuits, or dancing! 

Snack Time:
After the first activity of the day is completed, Campers will take a short 15-minute break to eat a snack and drink some water. Campers are responsible for providing their own snacks (2 each day- morning & afternoon), in addition to a sack lunch.

Lunch Time:
During lunch time, at noon each day, campers will take a break, relax and eat, and get energized for our afternoon sessions.

Afternoon Sessions:
The afternoon session will include another set of recreational activities where campers will be exposed to new sports and games, and continue to play, learn, and have fun! Around 3pm will be another snack time!

Check Out:
For AM Half-Day campers, check out will begin at 11:30am, located at our registration table. For all others, campers will be gathered together at the end of the day and then checked out for the day through the registration table between 4:00 and 5:30pm. 

Make sure that whoever is picking up a camper presents a photo ID every time a camper is picked up. Camp Staff will not release a camper to someone who is not listed on the pick up list, without a photo ID!